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Since the first edition of SPISE in 2004, a much appreciated and well recognized Book of Proceedings have been edited and published by JKI Institute. The five produced books after every one of the previous workshops have been used and cited for a large number of researchers, authorities and stakeholders in general. For those reasons, it is the purpose of the Organising Committee to maintain the high quality level of the publication and, as a new idea, try to finish the publication process before the Workshop. This fact will allow distributing among all the attendants the final communications and materials to be presented and discussed. For that reason the deadline to submit the full paper will be July 1st 2016.


 01/07/2016     Submission of complete paper

 Template for paper

can also be downloaded from:  www.uma.deab.upc.edu/spise2016

Following posters are shown during the whole workshop


Types of Sprayer mostly used and Regulation works on Sprayer inspection in Turkey

Caner, Eroglu, Bayat,  TURKEY

Sprayer inspection/marketing system in Turkey and Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Test Center (TAMTEST)

Dimitrvski, Dimitrov, Cvetkov, Jakimovska,    MACEDONIA

An overview of the pesticide application equipment in Ovchepole Region in Republic of Macedonia


Summary of content and application principles of all regulation approaches currently used in Turkey

Kuna-Broniowski, Makarski,


Electrically charged drops for detection of spray drift

Marucco, Balsari, Matta,


Assessment of the applicability of a test protocol for the inspection of dusters in use

Parafiniuk, Subr, Milanowski, Krawczuk,  POLAND

Effects of surface tension of water on the drops quantity produced by the agricultural nozzles

Roettele, Balsari,
Germany, ITALY

Online information tool on Sprayer technology for water protection

Stas, Huyghebaert, Defays,
Mostade, Zwertvaegher,
 Dekeyser, Declercq, Nuyttens, BELGIUM

Risk Assessment – Results from European enquiry